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Free Trade is not trade. It is primarily about moving production from place to place anywhere in the world for the sake of cheaper labor. The value of workers and labor has been degraded and deflated. This represents trillions of dollars lost in the process

Stop kicking a dead horse

June 2nd 2011 15:36
Free trade causes need for welfare ... fails to fulfill needs of our society - free trade causes need for welfare ... Posted By: Tapsearch Com Editor - Ray Tapajna ...
...from Bizarre Politics..

Big Money and Big Businesses get bailed out but down the line there is no money for those who lost the most due to free trade and globalization

President Obama comes and bails out big money interests that drove free trade and globalization and lost. Repubican governors come and bail out big companies while workers are still left out in the cold.

Critics say that saving poorly run companies is bad federal policy. They say nothing. The definition of a good run company is one that can find cheaper and cheaper labor. 7.50 per hour is the magic word to bring back jobs as the middle class production workers class in the USA has been thrashed. President Bush said that if there are jobs, Americans won't take, let the immigrants come and take them. He neglects to tell us that millions of Mexican fled to the USA for the sake of survival even though the USA sent more than 4,000 factories to Mexico.

A new working poor class is supposed to somehow support the new society when they are struggling to survive. The common good is sacrificed at the altar of greed.

When the Democrats had control of our state they hounded small businesses for taxes. They came after my company for years for taxes we did not owe. They threatened us with all kinds of actions until I told the Attorney General's office and the Governor to stop kicking a dead horse.

When the Republicans take over, they cut welfare programs. Welfare programs are needed due to free trade and economic big money policies.

While workers and small businesses suffer, the state gives Diebold Corporation, a large manufacturer of ATM banking machines, 56 million in tax relief and incentives.

State and local governments also give American Greetings about a 100 million dollars to stay in our state. American Greetings takes the money and will be moving their headquarters to a plush suburb leaving behind a suffering city of Brooklyn.

Other states have paid more than a billion of dollars for foreign auto companies to build their assembly plants in the USA. One state even built a run way for a foreign auto company to fly in parts from other lands.

In other circles of commerce, these events would be labeled as a bait and switch tactic. Nothing is said about how many jobs these companies moved outside the country. There seems to be an incessive drive to grow a new working poor class in the USA with many more falling into an under class.

Who will come and stop this economic insanity. Unfortunately, many of us are in a self -survival mode and are reluctant to challenge the globalist free traders who brought this curse upon us. Free trade is a disaster.

Who will tell future generations why we let this happen. In our failures to help others, we have failed ourselves.

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