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Free Trade is not trade. It is primarily about moving production from place to place anywhere in the world for the sake of cheaper labor. The value of workers and labor has been degraded and deflated. This represents trillions of dollars lost in the process

Shades of truth about the economy

November 16th 2011 16:17
Sabrina Eaton, Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter, did a recent Politfact on a statement made by U.S. House Representative Betty Sutton. ( Politfact is a service that rates the veracity of statements made by political leaders and other experts.

The Shades of Truth in the Global Economic Arena
Time to Occupy the truth
Rep. Sutton says 15 factories have been closed per day for the last ten years. The Polifact's overview by Sabrina Eaton says this is true but makes some disclaimers about the time intervals. Actually the facts have a longer stream of events than just ten years. Most of our reporting and statistics are segmented and fragmented by set times that do not show the reality of a happening. The worst damage was done prior to 2001. By 1992, more than 2,000 factories were moved to Mexico and after NAFTA was passed in 1994 the number doubled to more than 4,000. I have my own sales call book which listed most of the companies in our region since about 1970. It shows
more than 50 percent of the factories and corporate offices have closed
down. In my field, I have a printout showing more than a 1,000 computer companies were closed down by 1995 in just Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. I have several compatibility manual showing hundreds of computer manufacturers who have closed down due to free trade.

The Silicon Valley lost many from 1985 to 1995. I was there and an excellent trade magazine UPSIDE covered it all. None of these stats show up in recent reports.

On top of this many start up companies sent their manufacturing outside the USA. These losses are hidden. For example, Seagate hard disk manufacturer was started up by Dysan Corporation. Dysan is gone because they refused to send new production out side of the USA. Seagate and Dysan separated. Seagate grew to about 100,000 work force with only about 10,000 workers left in the USA. There are many other examples like this.

In the Cleveland Ohio region alone, we had about 50,000 workers with major and smaller computer manufacturers who supported all the computers in corporations and factories that once were here. More than a million workers lost their jobs in the computer industry due to free trade with many of them supporting the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing creates about five other jobs in distribution and support.

In 1992 alone, just IBM and ATT/NCR computers layed off 250,000 workers. I fought to the end for the last PC computer made in the USA and one of the last industrial computer manufacturers. These workers were all in about the middle of a value added economy. They triggered about three more stages of added value which translated to added workers.The industrial computer
manufacturers went down mainly because all their lines of supply
vanished. During this time, technical publications reported that one-third of all PC computers going into China had to be smuggled in.

This is the real story of our times waiting to be told and no one should really be shocked when they read about 15 factories being closed down per day for the last ten years. This means they missed the real story of our times.

See: Our economy based on making money on money burning out ... Workers Dignity Betrayed - reference FTC article about "Made in USA" from 1998- If this is a good economy, I would hate to see a bad one

Then you have many companies like Timken which do not show up in factory
close downs reports but has only about 25 percent of its production left in the U.S. as compared to what it once was.

You add - It's worth noting that manufacturing is just one segment of the economy, and other sectors are adding jobs. However many of these jobs are temporary, part time or contract ones. A new working poor class has replaced the production workers middle class. In the value added economy we once had, there was about five to seven added value stages from raw product to the end user or retail level. Manufacturing was the second level after the raw product level. After that one factory produced several rings of enterprises. This is why when a major factory leaves a small town, the whole town goes down. Health care industries can not be counted as real value added endeavors. They come after the fact since they require government funds to exist. The same goes for the service sector. Retail workers most likely have increased in volume but not their income level. It is very low with many needing government support to economically survive. So many of new
jobs are a take-away and not an added value.

On our Truth-O-Meter we measure your Polifact Ohio on this subject less
than 50 percent of the real truth. However, the real world does not need you or me to tell them what has happen. And that is why we now have the Occupy Wall Street protests now.

See Free trade is economic cancer - Can not leave free trade out of the Occupy Wall Street protests

Ray Tapajna
Editor and Artist, Tapsearch.Com and Tapart News sites.

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