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Politifacts Double Talks

March 5th 2012 18:25
Ray Tapajna Pages Network Article

Flipping the Facts and Fracturing the Whole Truth

I just wish Poltifacts would go away...

The major newspaper in Ohio, uses a service called Politifact Ohio to
sort out the facts about a statement made by a politician or related
statements. They rate these statements as being true or false. In
today's edition, Tom Feran, Plain Dealer Reporter, sorts out a statement
made by Rep. Marcy Kaptur regarding her opponent in election campaign -
Rep. Dennis Kucinich in a television ad.

The ads says. " When Marcy Kaptur fought for the Democrats'
prescription drug benefit for seniors, Rep Dennis Kucinich voted no."

Specifically, Kaptur ad is right. However it was misleading because
Kucinich wanted another similar bill to pass which he thought was better and a more of a complete package. In the Politfact Ohio report, Tom
Feran rates Kaptur's ad as completely false.

As we all know in political campaigns there is a lot of double talk no
matter what. I have a feeling, reporters do not like get the Politifact
Ohio assignment and I picture a good reporter like Tom Feran would
rather just write an article instead of going through a pretense of
rating the truth. It would be much better if Feran just headed up an
article about one politician doing the regular double talk about their
opponent and let the story describe the events.

In his Politfact attempt, Feran is needs to be Polifact too - particularly
the part about the year 2000, being the ending of the Y2k crisis, the
false low unemployment rate and the federal budget showing a surplus
is more of an illusion then what the Kaptur ad states.

The Y2k crisis created events that set the stage for many happenings.
Even Alan Greenspan tells us in his book The Age of Turbulence, that
billions of dollars were poured into fixing the Y2k crisis. This was
money, no one really had to spend including our government. It acted as
an false economic stimulus which made our economy back then look like
something it wasn't. It was a mess. The U.S. went through the most
massive dislocation of jobs in its history with millions of workers
losing their jobs with many losing everything. The Y2k money did not
reach them. As far as the budget showing a surplus, Senator Voinovich
said more than once that the surplus was not real. Besides the Y2k
money, President Clinton used the social security trust fund to look
like there was a budget surplus when in fact there was none. President
Clinton even admitted, he used the social security trust fund to support
the war in the Balkans. Pres Clinton went to war to stop ethnic
cleansing by creating more of the same with thousands of innocent
people dying in a war that never should have began.

However, this was the way it was in the land of "is." President
Clinton said it all depends on what your definition of "is", is. He
saying this he flipped the the so called Flat World to a new dimension
where the whole truth was fractured into pieces. In the court room, we
swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. One statement
by a president of the United States changed all that. Apparently the
statement lives on now and is a lasting effect on the way we look at the

This is what Politifact services should dig into instead of using a dark
event to rate some polticians double talk.

( My artwork about the Clinton era now has millions of references and
results on the worldwide web. Search under its title - Clinton Years
American Dream Reversed. Yahoo has the most. )

In the Land of "is

See more at Tapsearch Com Clinton

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