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Free Trade is not trade. It is primarily about moving production from place to place anywhere in the world for the sake of cheaper labor. The value of workers and labor has been degraded and deflated. This represents trillions of dollars lost in the process

Workers sacrificed at an altar of greed

February 11th 2013 01:57
Free Trade Traps Ray Tapajna Editor
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Handle the World with Care or bear the consequences


Free Trade Trap captures a generation with workers sacrificed on an altar of greed

It is difficult to believe that it has been more than twenty years since Sir James Goldsmith Sir James Goldsmith told the US Senate Free trade and Globalization would lead to the total destruction of society. He wrote about it all in his book - The Trap. He said,

"I was in business.. I believe in free markets. I believe in free enterprise. I believe the purpose of the economy is not just to just improve indices ( indexes), but to improve the state of the nation. Yours, mine."

Goldsmith was a corporate raider who changed his way and led Populist movements in England and France trying to stop the tide of globalization and free trade. He knew the economy day had to match up with the common good of society. He knew nothing good could come from divorcing production from investment and in the end nations and society would be broken if it continued. Time has proven him right.

Bishops in Mexico and Central America called free trade a cultural death.

The term itself is misleading. Globalist call it free trade which had nothing to do with trade as historically practiced and defined although there are similarities relating to the Fall of Rome when their money on money economies fell apart.

In 1992, advocates like those in the Catholic Workers movement also said No To Global Economy. They maintained that bigger is not better and one size does not fit all. They and many felt big business and big government is poverty, powerlessness and death. "Bigness" in forms of social and economic organizations can only be sustained by violence, fueled by greed which in turn becomes something radically dangerous. Globalist free traders puts the "bigger is better" before the dignity of workers where the human beings become just another resource as tools for money making. I label this a process of "commoditizing " workers.

In 1999, the Battle in Seattle took place. It was a protest against the World Trade Organization ( WTO) which Globalist founded as an international organization to control the flow of wealth worldwide. Close to 100,000 people protested the legitimacy of the organization that was created outside of any democratic process and outside the will of the people. It is obvious it and free trade would have never passed if subject to a popular vote of the people. A movie was made about the Battle in Seattle and referred to it as some kind of victory for workers. In fact, it was just the opposite. Workers lost and were condemned to be part of a new working poor class.

The Free Enterprise System should make it easier to be good. It should contribute to the life ideal on earth and not use workers as tools to establish a new world order. All it brought is disorder. This always happens when wealth and power is concentrated in only a few. Lech Walesa, who led the Solidarity movement in Poland and who played a major role in the downfall of the Communist Empire, says the U.S. has lost its way. He says he does not know that much about business and economics but he does know something is very wrong when ten percent of a population controls 100 percent of the wealth. It is obvious nothing good will happen unless we go back to using money as just a means of exchange instead of being the core of our economic day. Money is not a product. It never will be no matter how much manipulation goes on. Human beings are not commodities and not something to be sacrificed on an altar of greed.

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