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Free Trade is not trade. It is primarily about moving production from place to place anywhere in the world for the sake of cheaper labor. The value of workers and labor has been degraded and deflated. This represents trillions of dollars lost in the process

What has more value than gold and silver

February 18th 2013 02:00
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An economic train wreck waiting to happen. What will be worth more the gold and silver.
The Bewildered New World and where we go from here Ray Tapajna Living Journals

Economic Melt Down

What will be worth more than gold and silver when our economy hits the wall

It should be obvious an economy based on impoverished workers in one
place making things for a middle class somewhere else in the world, is a losing proposition. Cheaper imports costs jobs as confirmed by what has happened in the past twenty years. In the more prosperous nations, middle class production workers have faded away leaving a new working poor class which is finding it difficult to even afford the cheaper imports. What we have is a few people making money off the degradation of society as a whole knowing it is a game where everyone loses in the end. We are now living in an economic time bomb.

It is also obvious our planet can not survive when everything depends on making more and more things in a society where consumerism rules the game. Free trade is driven by creating more and more production by searching out more and more cheaper labor. Electronic trinkets produce money for only the investors. The users can only play with them and do some things faster. However, they become obsolete very fast too. Both the goods we produce and workers have become throw away items. All the recycling in the world can not replace what is lost in this throw away fashion. Millions of impoverished people are protesting across the globe.

The so called free market takes more away than it gives as we deplete the world resources. There is just so much that can be used up before the sources of supply run out. We waste it on economic systems destined to failure. And our societies can not survive by a bunch people using a bunch of electronic devices that really do not produce a real economy.

We have come to an end in the road and do not know what to do about it.
The big money people should know this and all the hoarding of money, gold or silver will do no good when there are too many people looking for a way to survive no matter what. They can not eat stocks, paper money, gold or silver. In fact the higher the value of gold climbs, the higher the risk for everything coming falling apart. The value of gold and silver has become a new indicator of when our economies will hit the wall. It will be when the system is overwhelmed. We see examples of this across the world.

We need to find a new economy where more people enjoy the rewards and
not only a dwindling few. Individualism economics will not work for them or the rest of the world. We are coming to a time where a warehouse full of toilet paper will be worth more than gold and silver. You won' t even have to print a dollar sign on it. Big money tried to create money out of nothing by printing paper, putting a dollar sign on it and charging interest on it. They even tried to make money a product all by itself instead of just a means of completely transactions for goods and services. So called free trade and money products proved to be the biggest scam in history. When even subsistence living farmers can not compete with giant agricultural corporations, we should know it is an end for all of us. Even the vast drug trade economy is not big enough to fill all these voids.

The money changers should know all of this by now. Where can they go with all their money. After all, globalization has made it a small world with no place to hide.

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