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Free Trade is not trade. It is primarily about moving production from place to place anywhere in the world for the sake of cheaper labor. The value of workers and labor has been degraded and deflated. This represents trillions of dollars lost in the process
Trade Traps getting larger - Ray Tapajna Living Journals

The Sacrilege - Walmart built in grave yard of the steel industry with more economic graveyards on their way

Economic Contradictions Continue
Workers and small business have another door shutting them out of the deal

Here we go again. The Trans-Pacific-Partner trade agreement involving 11 nations makes NAFTA and GATT look like small deals. The globalist free traders are back doing their thing outside the will of the people in even a bigger way. The new trade agreements are just more of the same thing. It is about secret agreements, the manipulation of money values, making money on money, divorcing production from investments. In the process nations act like brokers and dealers in a global casino. In the background super trans national corporations watch the dealing and throw their own chips into the game. Workers as usual, are outside looking in to see who is next to lose their jobs and their business in this global economic arena .

Free trade is the major cause of our economic crisis. President Obama bailed out the failure and put the same people back in charge of the process while he ignored the suffering of the millions of people who have lost their jobs in recent years.

Our economies based on making money on money instead of making things are burning out. This is happening because the investment communities are divorced from production. Money is not a product that can grow any real value. It is only a means of transacting business. The value of workers and labor has been deflated and degraded to a very dangerous level with millions of workers losing their jobs across the globe. This value is a better money standard than all the funny money games going on. You can not create something out of nothing. There has to be starting values and without them, there is nothing.

The dark reality of more than a billion people in the world waiting to work for practical nothing to survive represent a vast labor pool. The same contradiction applies. You can not do business with people who do not have money and the havoc eventually boomerangs back to your own front door. This became evident when the investment communities and Wall Street had to be bailed out.

The trade deficits represents the loss of trillions of dollars forever. None of the funny money global monopoly games can save us. Only real values can. The value of workers and labor has to be in sync with the money values or everything falls apart. The instigators of this mess should know, it will eventually boomeranged back to them. How can you think this economic insanity will work especially now having more than twenty years of failures.

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Is the American Dream Dead?

March 12th 2013 17:01
Trade Traps - Ray Tapajna Living Journals - Search under Ray Tapajna Workers for more.

Free Trade Trap - The Trade Deficit represents the loss of billions of dollars forever for the last twenty years.

In the beginning of the Clinton, Dole, Gingrich free trade era, President Clinton jogged in a neighborhoods near the White House that resembled a third word country. While eating a hamburger at McDonalds, he proclaimed prosperity. The fabrications have flourished since then even though free trade was a failure from the beginning. About a year after getting NAFTA trade agreement passed, President Clinton had to rush billions of dollars to Mexico to save the peso and the Mexican economy. This bail out stimulus package went to a foreign nation and should have been a sign of things to come. The number of factories moved to Mexico doubled to more than 4,000. However, this did not stop the tide of Mexican workers flowing to the U.S. for the sake of economic survival. The grand betrayal of workers continues as President Obama followed the other free trader presidents and bailed out the money sources in the U.S. After doing this he put the same people back in charge who were responsible for the failure of free trade. Free trade is the major cause of our economic crisis and most of our political leaders and the press hide from this fact.

Not much has changed since 1994, with millions of workers in the U.S. losing their jobs. The job losses included millions of workers in high tech. Our city was once a center of high technology but it was ravaged by free trade. City planners keep talking about the need for high technology but ignore the fact what caused the problem in the first place. Nothing good can happen until we know what took us down all these dark economic roads.

More than ten years ago , studies showed up to 100 million American living in a silent depression. In major cities like Philadelphia, the fastest growing segment of the homeless included working families. A new working poor class had workers who could not even afford to rent a home. About 40 million Americans were in need of emergency food. President Clinton changed the welfare system and in the process, a single mother making only about $100 a month was considered employed.

The actual count of Americans being unemployed was masked just like it is today. Millions of Americans gave up looking for a job. Temporary, part-time, contract, leased and day labor jobs took over at the bottom end of our economy. Many held more than one job at a time and as it still is today, only about 38 percent of all workers in America qualified for unemployment insurance. This means, more than 60 percent of workers are living in economic limbo. To this day, this fact is still hidden from the public. No one in leadership or the press ask what all these workers missing in action are doing. How are they surviving?

Wages have a new bottom line and for a generation and coming generation, children facing the future have little hope of making what their parents made. I worked in several factories while going to college in the 1950s. If these jobs were available today, there would be millions standing in line to get them including college graduates.

When will our leaders and the press talk about the real world where people are living out their lives in despair. Is the American Dream is dead ?

Free trade takes out city

March 6th 2013 16:36
Real World News - Ray Tapajna Living Journals

Free trade took out city years ago
The only thing that will bring it back is the re-shoring of its industry in a value added local economic fashion.

free trade fails us, workers betrayed, big money rules game,
Free trade takes out city while newspaper report about everything else but the real story of our times. Presidents bail out big money and put the back in charge of a failed system
View also Pearl Harbor Attack on Workers below and note American now needs its own Marshall Plan. This editorial art was first published in 1994 and it still applies today.

High tech will not restore the American Dream. These jobs were moved outside of the U.S. years ago too. High tech is throw away technology just like everything else in a free trade global economic arena.

Again our top newspaper in our state, reports about a new high tech upstart as an example of renewal. They talk about a small venture as Keybank, a major bank in the region, cuts 60 jobs in high tech and sends the jobs to India. Keybank like many other banks were bailed out by taxpayers in 2008. This translates to taxpayers paying to have more jobs moved out of the country. The newspaper miss reporting the logical events while headlining a story about one small new high tech start up in a Youngstown Ohio which taken out of action by free trade years ago.

For more than a generation, we sadly hear the same old song how some
city or place is converting from heavy industry to high technology. Not
much good will ever happen until we re-shore our industry in America. We
still use and consume the same things as we always have. The only thing
different is that the industrial revolution has been moved to somewhere
else in the world. In any economy, there is a chain of events
affecting our life ideal. With free trade , the economic chain is
broken with many links missing. Our society can not recover from the
massive hit it took due to this. Youngstown and Cleveland are
examples. Cleveland was once a center of high technology and it sparks
many other industries. There were not only a few workers here and there
as it is today but we had thousands of workers in support of a thriving
computer generation. In the 1990s, millions lost their jobs in the
computer industry. More than a thousand computer related businesses in
just Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania closed down due to free trade
giving our technology away to the Far East with impoverished workers
used to produce technology. There are now millions of workers doing it
outside of our country. We also lost about one hundred major computer
manufacturers nationwide. In 1992, just between IBM and ATT/NCR
computers about 250,000 workers lost their jobs. In the Silicon Valley,
workers were fired while contractors took over.

A few years ago, I was offered a job as a Regional Manager for a system
house. They were able to offer systems and software services at
unbelievable low costs. I turned down this job when I found out their
low prices were due to having a boiler room in Chicago full of green
card workers from India. The workers would work in the U.S. for six
months to a year around the clock and then take the money back to
India. Our society was unable to enjoy the rewards of their work but
instead suffered the consequences. In any economic chain of events,
what happens on one end affects everything else in a society. Things
have to follow each other in a balance fashion. When a worker making
an iPad jumps out out of a Chinese factory window to his death because
he can not take it anymore, it does not stop there. It spreads
economic diseases up and down the line.

The "Rust Belt" term signifies what happen to many regions in the
country at free trade took away the middle class production workers
leaving burn out communities behind. A few years ago, I had a part time
contract job servicing big box store near Youngstown. I drove down RT
224 and saw one shopping center after another for miles. This area is
just south of Youngstown. Some shopping centers had many empty stores
which demonstrated the ever changing pace of the service and retail
sector. Seeing this, I drove down many side roads to
get an idea of what was happening with people who only make minimum
wages. I observe a new culture of families with all sorts of examples
of people doing most everything to survive.

You can write about a few workers here and there about shifting gears
but this only creates a few jobs in places where thousands once were
employed. Even some of the companies that are reported as successful in
the newspapers, still have large empty employees parking lots full of
weeds. Nothing has come to replace the more than 700,000 workers
related to the steel industry and more than 400,000 workers who lost
their jobs in the auto industry. These examples do not even cover the
millions of linking workers who lost their jobs when these industries
were smashed. It was much more than just the "Rust Belt" falling apart.

An economy has to be a chain of events flowing back and forth from the
raw product level up through several levels to the retail or end user
stage. The money has to be there to recycle the economy again and
again. With free trade, this will never happen no matter how many new
little high tech start ups there are. America lays wounded with no one
attending to their economic wounds. Your newspaper has joined into this
economic carnage as a globalist free trader newspaper. Now it too is in
a self-destruction mode. As the old joke goes, " what are you selling
this time- cancer? The only thing that will work is to re-shore our
industry and go from there. The weakest link in the economic chain are
workers who continue to shop their way out of their jobs while
newspapers having more slick ad pages about goods from the wage slave
markets of the world than real news.

Search under, tapart news, ray tapajna files, ray tapajna orble and tapsearcher online for 1,000s of resources and references

What year is this- Poverty Report

February 25th 2013 16:51

economic mess, paper economy shreds, workers, jobs, unemployment,
Race to the Bottom in Back to a Future mode

Exploring the lost worlds in the gobal economic back to the future mode Ray Tapajna Living Journals

What year is this? - Newpaper headline reads:

Number of Ohioans in poverty climbs on
This is only one example of poverty increases in the U.S.

The percentage of people in the state living in poverty last year climbed to 16 percent, an all time high according to statistics by top anti-poverty organization. It was a time when the President of the United States, was proclaiming prosperous times were here again.

The state's poor grew by 44 percent since 1980, a a total of 1.71 million, or one sixth of the population . The report said it was due to the loss of high-quality jobs. Although the jobs had increased by 530,000 jobs, the total amount on the payroll checks, decreased. There was a drop of $1.22 billion and 35,000 jobs in the state.

Our local region, lost more in earnings than the entire state.

Since then things have even become worst but few tell the story behind our present day story. It should have been a wake up call for all but our President was declaring prosperity while all this was happening. He declared prosperity while he had to rush billions of dollars to Mexico to save the peso and the Mexican economy even though, the U.S. moved more than 4,000 factories to that country. The first bail out stimulus package went to a foreign nation.

The U.S. economy remains a giant pyramid scheme. Our current President
bailed out the financial community and Wall Street and put them back in charge of the failed system while ignoring the suffering of millions living in a silent depression. And this all continues in a 'Bewidlered New World' as he and other leaders re-directs our attention to some of the effects while ignoring the causes.

The first report noted above, happened in 1993- twenty years ago. We now have a lost generation trying to hang on while the investments communities function on borrowed money. It is obvious like all pyramid schemes, it destined for failure.

When Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans came, it exposed a massive underclass living in a silent depression there. It exemplied what was happening in most of the major cities in the U.S. We have lost our way.


What has more value than gold and silver

February 18th 2013 02:00
funny money, electronic trinkets, free trade scam,
An economic train wreck waiting to happen. What will be worth more the gold and silver.
The Bewildered New World and where we go from here Ray Tapajna Living Journals

Economic Melt Down
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The Real State Of the Union

February 13th 2013 22:43
Lost Worlds in the Flatworld Global Economy Ray Tapajna

double talk, insane economy, trade deficit

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Workers sacrificed at an altar of greed

February 11th 2013 01:57
Free Trade Traps Ray Tapajna Editor
news, issues, global economy, living journals
Handle the World with Care or bear the consequences

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What to do about guns?

January 31st 2013 00:57
Tapsearch Real World News- Ray Tapajna

The issue of gun regulation can not be secluded to just citizens when we have governments out of control
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A new

January 9th 2013 00:11

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